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I like to joke with my clients that I didn’t learn the difference between red and green from a stoplight like most children. Instead, I learned them from the market swings and quickly understood the concept of investments rising and falling. Every Friday afternoon, my father and I would watch the market close together and study the day’s activity. I was intrigued by the world of finance at an early age and realized that I had a gift of understanding this complex field.

Although I didn’t grow up in the financial services industry, my family did teach me how important it is to start saving early and the difference effective planning can make when pursuing goals. Today, I use the gift I have in my industry to help as many people as possible save for important milestones, such as retirement.

My passion for helping others is what motivated me to start my own independent firm because my goal is to extend my professional reach to as many individuals as I can. I seek to make a difference in the lives around me.