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I believe there are three seasons of retirement:

The Active phase is after you have just retired, when you are physically and mentally ready to go! This phase may include traveling, picking up new activities, or starting a new part-time or full-time job.

The Nesting phase is when your body starts telling you to slow down a little and retirement becomes more stable. Individuals may be more interested in activities such as card games, going to the movies, or spending time with family.

The Mature phase is the last phase of retirement, when individuals slow down mentally, physically, and sometimes financially. Retirees in this phase will likely require some form of support, such as from family, the government, or other agencies.

My services address these three seasons of retirement and are designed to help you develop a plan that will address your needs, wants, and wishes.  I understand what it takes to transition to a successful retirement and will help you create a pay check, play check, and gift check to meet your needs, wants, and wishes as you transition through retirement.  As a Certified Retirement Counselor and a Fit-To-Retire coach, I understand that financial security is not the only thing necessary for a successful retirement; in addition to financial security, I will help you plan for your needs, wants, and wishes in your personal relationships, social involvement, health and nutrition, and self-identity during all seasons of retirement.

I can help you plan today for the decisions that will impact your life in the future. Contact me to get started.